Morgan Kristy Reynolds


Artist Statement:

Obession, repetition, meditation, play, and distraction.

My work pertains to the idea of consciousness. I am interested in becoming aware of our actions and asking ourselves why we do the things we do. My work is often of a private nature, looking inward to my thoughts and emotions and giving revealing interpretations of myself and my choices, and through my work I may cause others to think inwardly.

It deals with obsession and repetition, the desire to repeat certain activities, as a way to fulfill a need or desire, or to achieve satisfaction, even if that satisfaction is pain. It speaks to thoughts sticking in one’s mind, to the commonly shared aspects of obsessive compulsion; to determination and the repeating of one’s mistakes, one’s triumphs, and the comfort found in routine.

My work is also about futility, about the unimportance of the object, its fleeting nature and comments on how people tend to hold things precious and “forever.” I have been dealing with the idea of letting go of one’s time, of process over product, and my work has become more conceptual than actual. It is the idea that inspired my crocheting a scarf indefinitely, the product of which has lost its appointed usefulness, carried on to a point of absurdity both pensive and playful.

Play is important, too, for it functions as distraction. I create things, and I play with them, and each is a part of me. In some of my work, I am also inviting others to step out of the world of reality and to play.

My inspiration is derived from the meditation and calmness of creations like sand mandalas and henna tattoos; adornment, patience, meditation, these ephemeral qualities that are more a journey of the mind than of art.

One cannot see in my pieces the thoughts that were born from the act of hands moving repetitiously, and eyes having to pay attention to loops and lines, leaving the mind free to wander. However, one can see the prolific aspects of my work, and how one process quickly leads me to another, blending all parts of my life, whether personal, societal or career-oriented into the diverse expression that is my art.


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